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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Posted on November 20 2019

ABYstyle Holiday Gift Guide

ABYstyle's Holiday Gift Guide 2019

It’s that time of year again. There’s a chill in the air, hot cocoa on the stove, and people physically assaulting each other at the malls. The stress of gift giving has become a huge part of this fun and festive season and all the crowds out trying to beat the holiday rush seem like they just make it get here faster and go on longer. Fortunately for your sense of good cheer, ABYstyle has put together this holiday gift guide to help make sure you get everyone on your list something they love without getting involved in a parking garage battle royale. After all, adding wish list items to your cart from the comfort of your couch is the only way to make it to January with your holiday spirit unscathed, and the free shipping direct to your door doesn’t hurt either.

Dragon Ball Radar Keychain

Made with fans in mind, this Radar Keychain features flashing lights and pulsing sounds to alert you when Dragon Balls are near. Push the button at the top of the keychain to activate the mock-radar features.

        Dragon Ball Rumbling Plush

One of Goku's most treasured keepsakes, the 4-Star Dragon Ball can be yours with this soft and authentic plush by ABYstyle!  Brightly colored and great for gifting, this plush includes a rumbling functionality activated with a pull of the attached cord!

Akatsuki Fan

With soft fabric covered in the iconic Akatsuki cloud print, this Naruto fan by ABYstyle will keep you looking cool and staying cool! Whether part of your cosplay ensemble or as a display piece for your home or office, this fan is sure to make a statement!

Sailor Moon & Chibi Moon Fan

This Sailor Moon fan by ABYstyle slides open to reveal a brightly-colored image of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon on a starry background. The fan's soft fabric adds a premium feel and the wooden handle makes it easy to open and close to make showing your support for love and justice effortless.

Tanjiro & Nezuko Mini Poster

Tanjiro Kamado is on a mission to reverse his sister Nezuko's transformation into a demon. Lucky for him, she's by his side every step of the way, ready to give trouble a flying kick to the face. Take the inseparable Kamado siblings home with this mini-poster by ABYstyle featuring a high quality print of Tanjiro and Nezuko on glossy poster paper.

Sailor Scout Umbrella

Keep the weather at bay with this officially-licensed Sailor Moon umbrella. Featuring a classic design, with a blue and white color scheme reminiscent of Sailor Moon's uniform and a convenient auto-open feature, this umbrella is exactly you need to fight evil and bad weather.

Travel Tumbler & Journal Gift Set

Take your love of Dragon Ball Z with you everywhere you go. The insulated tumbler pays homage to Goku and features insulating walls and a non-slip rubber base. Also included is a portable journal featuring Shenron with lined pages perfect for taking notes on Dragon Ball locations or enemy power levels.

Blue Capsule Corp. Keychain 

Brought to life , this polished metal keychain is a replica of the Capsule Corp. capsules from Dragon Ball Z. It's great for storing cash and spare Senzu Beans; to open, just unscrew the bottom of the capsule. 

Straw Hat Crew Luggage Tag 

Embark on new adventures with this One Piece luggage tag ! Featuring the Straw Hat emblem, this PVC luggage tag includes an identification card and a sturdy, adjustable strap to make sure it holds on tight even on the high seas. 

Shenron Gaming Mouse Pad 

Made with fans in mind, this mouse pad features an eye-catching image of Shenron and the seven Dragon Balls, a smooth fabric top and rubber bottom to ensure your mouse glides smoothly while the mouse pad stays put. Use it at home or around the office and you'll feel like there's nothing beyond your power. 

Necronomicon Notebook

Some believe it to be the ramblings of a madman; we, however, believe it makes a pretty cool notebook. Adorned with images of the Great Old One Cthulhu throughout with a healthy dose of arcane incantations sprinkled in for good measure, its the perfect place for some mad scribblings of your own. 

Naruto Clone Jutsu Magic Mug & Coaster Gift Set      

This heat-activated magic mug has mastered clone jutsu; watch as the design transforms to reveal an all-out clone assault when you fill it with a hot beverage. Because a true ninja's best weapon is stealth, we've also included a coaster featuring the Konoha symbol to prevent tell-tale water rings.

Sailor Moon 3 Piece Gift Set

Made with Sailor Moon fans in mind, this 3-piece gift set includes everything you need in the fight for love and justice: a journal for keeping notes and reminders, a ceramic mug for staying caffeinated, and a keychain based on Usagi's iconic bow and brooch for looking stylish!

Dragon Ball Collector's Lamp

This is what you've been wishing for since Goku's first Kaio-Ken. Featuring the 4-star Dragon Ball sitting atop an embellished base and powered by an included USB cable, this lamp also features a built-in dimmer: spin the dial on the USB cable to adjust the light's intensity. 

Dragon Ball Collector's Set 

This replica Dragon Ball collector's set includes all 7 Dragon Balls in a satin-lined display box. Each acrylic Dragon Ball features the star marks from the series and measures approximately 2" in diameter. Always remember to wish responsibly. 

Ryuk (SFC Figure #004) 

Ryuk has traveled all the way from the Shinigami Realm to make things a little more interesting. Dressed in his tattered, black bodysuit, complete with wings and feathers, Ryuk crouches in anticipation, poised to leap into your figure collection.

Monkey D. Luffy 3 Pc. Gift Set 

Sure to be on any One Piece fan's most wanted list, this set includes an 11 oz. ceramic mug with images of Luffy and the Straw Hat emblem, a lined mini-notebook featuring Luffy's wanted poster on the cover, and a PVC Luffy keychain!

Gon and Killua Mug

Whether you're doing battle with the dangerous beasts of the Dark Continent or facing off against the Chimera Ants, keep your aura up with your hot beverage of choice in this new Hunter X Hunter mug by ABYstyle featuring Gon and Killua.

Water 7 Battle Board Game

Luffy's ship is broken beyond repair and the Aqua Laguna tide is rising. One Piece fans will have to work together in this strategy-driven, co-op game to build the Thousand Sunny while collecting as many Victory Points as possible to win the game! 

Wallet & Keychain Gift Set

Featuring fan-favorite Meliodas' Dragon's Sin of Wrath emblem, this Seven Deadly Sins Gift Set features a bi-fold vinyl wallet perfect for storing cash, cards, and coins and a metal keychain you can hang on a key ring or favorite backpack.

There, now doesn’t that feel better? Your orders are on the way, stockings will most assuredly be stuffed, and thanks to your gift giving skills, next year you’ll be at the top of everyone’s holiday party guest list. Nothing left to do but sit back, enjoy the eggnog and try not to fall asleep in front of the fireplace again.

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