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ABYstyle One Piece Headgear Trafalgar Law Replica Cap Cosplay Cap Soft Touch Adult Size


Trafalgar D. Water Law, the Death Surgeon is ready to turn the world upside down! World Government, Sea Emperors, Navy, no obstacle will stop the D. Tsunami, according to him. His alliance with Luffy and his mastery of the Ope Ope no Mi make him one of the most dangerous men on the seas! You too can join the crew of the Heart with the Trafalgar Law Cosplay Cap by ABYstyle.


  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- The Trafalgar Law Replica Cap is officially licensed and makes a great gift for fans of One Piece Anime
  • SOFT TOUCH MATERIAL- Made with a soft touch material for comfort during cosplay or everyday wear.
  • ADULT SIZE- Sized to fit adults comfortably, making it suitable for fans of all ages.
  • DESIGN- Features the iconic design worn by Trafalgar Law in the One Piece series.
  • COSPLAY ACCESSORIES- An essential accessory for any anime and manga fan, perfect for cosplay events, conventions, or everyday wear.
  • GIFT- Makes a fantastic gift for fans of One Piece or anyone who appreciates quality cosplay accessories.

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