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ABYstyle USA

GB Eye Oak Wooden Picture Poster Frame 20.5" x 15" Vertical and Horizontal


The GB eye Oak Wooden Maxi Poster Collector Display Frame 24" x 36" offers a high-quality and visually appealing solution for displaying and preserving your favorite posters. Its oak wood construction and protective features make it an ideal choice for showcasing posters in a professional and elegant manner, while also protecting them from damage.

  • HIGH QUALITY- This display frame is crafted from high-quality oak wood, known for its durability and attractive appearance. The wooden frame provides a classic and timeless look that complements a wide range of poster styles, adding an elegant touch to your wall decor
  • PROTECTION- The frame is designed to protect your posters from damage, such as tears, creases, and discoloration. It features a clear and durable acrylic front cover that shields your poster from dust and moisture, preserving it in its original condition
  • USE- This frame is versatile and suitable for a wide range of poster types, from movie posters and art prints to promotional posters and more. It's an ideal choice for collectors and enthusiasts looking to showcase their prized posters
  • DECORATIVE- In addition to preserving and protecting your posters, this frame enhances the overall aesthetics of your space. Its oak wood finish provides a warm and natural look that complements various interior decor styles

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