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Dragon Ball Z - Capsule Corp. Assortment


ABYstyle has managed to get their hands on some Capsule Corp. Technology and we're passing it on to you in this three piece assortment! This assortment includes a Dragon Ball Radar Keychain, a Red Capsule Corp. Keychain and a Blue Capsule Corp. Keychain. Just like in the world of Dragon Ball Z, these capsules can be opened up to hold your cash or Senzu Beans and come with a clip that makes attaching them to a belt or set of keys easy. The Dragon Ball Radar Keychain has been carefully crafted to match the one designed by Bulma. This keychain replica lights up to reveal the location of three nearby Dragon Balls while making mock radar sounds. Its the perfect gift for Dragon Ball Z fans!

  • Officially licensed Dragon Ball Z merchandise.
  • Includes (1) Red Capsule Corp. Keychain, (1) Blue Capsule Corp. Keychain and (1) Dragon Ball Radar Keychain.
  • Capsule Corp. Keychains unscrew to reveal a hidden compartment for storing cash and other valuables.
  • Press the button on the Dragon Ball Radar Keychain for mock-radar lights and sounds!

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