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ABYsytle Cthulhu Adept Travel Mug holds 12 Fl Oz Drinkware Home & Kitchen


The end of the world is inevitable, and the Great Old Ones will soon annihilate all of humanity! Well, all but their followers, of which you are a part. Sip your drink quietly with your Cthulhu travel mug by ABYstyle while muttering "Iä, Iä, Cthulhu fhtagn" to his glory!

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- The Cthulhu Adept Travel Mug is officially licensed merchandise and makes a great gift for fans of Cthulhu
  • CUSTOM DESIGN- The exterior of the travel mug features an intricate and chilling design inspired by the cosmic horror of Cthulhu. Tentacles, arcane symbols, and the looming presence of the Great Old One adorn the mug, creating an aesthetic that captures the essence of Lovecraftian horror
  • USE- Designed for those on the move, this travel mug is equipped to accompany you on your daily adventures. Whether you're commuting, traveling, or exploring, let the eldritch aura of Cthulhu be your mystical companion
  • SECURE LID- The mug is typically fitted with a secure lid that not only prevents spills but also retains the temperature of your beverage. Enjoy your hot coffee or cold elixir without worrying about leaks
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS- The Cthulhu Adept Travel Mug is NOT suitable for dishwasher or microwaves ONLY handwash

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