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ABYstyle My Hero Academia Izuku & Bakugo Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug 16 Fl Oz


Overall, the "ABYstyle My Hero Academia Izuku & Bakugo Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug" combines fandom with functionality, allowing fans to enjoy their favorite beverages while showcasing their love for the series and the dynamic relationship between its characters.

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- This My Hero Academia Ceramic Mug is officially licensed merchandise and makes a great gift for fans of My Hero Academia Merch
  • CUSTOM DESIGN- The mug likely features artwork depicting Izuku Midoriya (also known as Deku), the main protagonist, and Katsuki Bakugo, one of his rivals and classmates, in a dynamic or confrontational pose. This design element captures the essence of their relationship and adds excitement to the mug
  • HIGH QUALITY- Like many high-quality mugs, this one is made from ceramic, a durable and versatile material suitable for hot and cold beverages. Ceramic mugs provide a smooth surface for printing detailed designs and are commonly used for drinkware
  • CAPACITY- The mug has a larger capacity of 16 fluid ounces, making it suitable for those who prefer larger servings of their favorite beverages or for those who want to enjoy their drinks for longer periods without refilling

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