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ABYstyle Hatsune Miku Acrylic Keychain Pack Includes (3) Measures 2"


The "Hatsune Miku Acrylic Keychain Pack" is a delightful collection of keychains featuring the popular virtual singer, Hatsune Miku. These keychains are designed for fans to display their love and support for this iconic vocaloid character

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- The Hatsune Miku Acryl Keychain Pack is officially licensed merchandise and makes a great gift for fans of Hatsune Miku
  • DESIGN- Each keychain in the pack features vivid and detailed artwork of Hatsune Miku. Expect to see her in various outfits, poses, and artistic styles, showcasing her versatility and appeal
  • HIGH QUALITY- These keychains are typically made of durable acrylic material, which is resistant to wear and tear. This ensures that your keychains will remain in excellent condition even with daily use
  • ACCESSORY- Acrylic keychains are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to attach to your keys, bags, backpacks, or other accessories. They serve as a fashionable and eye-catching accessory
  • GIFT- These keychain packs also make for thoughtful gifts for fellow Hatsune Miku enthusiasts or fans of the vocaloid music culture. They are perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or as a surprise token of appreciation

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