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ABYstyle Dragon Ball Z Gift Set Drinking Glass 14 Oz and Coaster Anime Manga


Together, the Dragon Ball Z drinking glass with the Kame symbol and the Dragon Ball coaster create a themed and stylish drinking experience for fans of the series. These items not only serve their practical purposes but also allow you to display your passion for Dragon Ball Z in your home or at gatherings with friends

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- The Dragon Ball Z Gift Set is officially licensed merchandise and makes a great gift for fans of Dragon Ball Z
  • GLASS DESIGN- This Dragon Ball Z drinking glass is beautifully adorned with the iconic Kame symbol, also known as the Turtle School symbol, which represents the martial arts school where Goku and other characters trained.
  • COASTER DESIGN- The Dragon Ball coaster features vibrant and detailed artwork, showcasing the mystical Dragon Balls
  • GLASS CAPACITY- Typically designed to hold 14 ounces of liquid, making it suitable for various beverages like water, juice, or even your favorite adult drinks
  • COASTER FUNCTIONALITY- Coasters are designed to prevent condensation or spills from your drink glasses from damaging your furniture, making them a practical addition to your home decor

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