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ABYstyle Dragon Ball Z Gift Set 3D Mug 4 stars and Coaster 4 stars


This Dragon Ball Z 3D Mug featuring the 4-Star Dragon Ball and the accompanying Coaster with the 4-Star Dragon Ball Gift Set is a unique and immersive way to enjoy your favorite beverages while celebrating the iconic Dragon Ball Z series. It's an ideal gift for fans and collectors who appreciate the significance of the 4-Star Dragon Ball in the Dragon Ball Z universe

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- The Dragon Ball Z Dragon Balls 4 stars Gift Set is officially licensed merchandise and makes a great gift for fans of Dragon Ball Z
  • MUG DESIGN- This Dragon Ball Z 3D mug is a remarkable piece of drinkware that showcases the legendary 4-Star Dragon Ball. The Dragon Ball is three-dimensionally molded into the surface of the mug, creating a lifelike and immersive representation
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS- The Mug 3D of this gift set is NOT suitable for dishwasher and microwaves. ONLY Handwash
  • COASTER DESIGN- The coaster included in this gift set complements the mug's design, often featuring a detailed image of the 4-Star Dragon Ball
  • COLLECTIBLE- Collectible Gift Sets featuring Dragon Balls are highly sought after by Dragon Ball Z fans, as they allow enthusiasts to showcase their love for the series while serving a useful purpose


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