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ABYstyle Dragon Ball Z Coaster Set Includes 4 pc Principal Symbols


This Dragon Ball Z Coaster Set is a versatile and collectible addition to your home decor, perfect for fans of the series who appreciate emblematic designs and symbolism. Whether you're displaying them or using them for practical purposes, these coasters add a touch of Dragon Ball Z flair to your surroundings while protecting your furniture from drink-related damage

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- The Dragon Ball Z Coaster Set is officially licensed merchandise and makes a great gift for fans of Dragon Ball Z
  • KAME COASTER- The Kame Symbol coaster features the iconic emblem associated with the Turtle School, where Goku and other characters trained in martial arts
  • DRAGON BALLS 4 STARS- The 4-Star Dragon Ball coaster features the iconic Dragon Ball with four red stars
  • CAPSULE CORP COASTER- The Capsule Corp coaster features the emblem of the renowned Capsule Corporation, a prominent technology company in the Dragon Ball universe
  • R R COASTER- The R R Emblem coaster features the emblem of the infamous Red Ribbon Army, a malevolent organization that plays a significant role in the Dragon Ball Z series
  • COLLECTIBLE- These coasters are not only functional but also collectible. They showcase emblematic designs and symbols from the Dragon Ball Z universe, making them a unique and cherished addition to any fan's collection

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