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ABYstyle Dr. Stone Chibi Formula Heat-Change Ceramic Color Mug


Senku's been hard at work devising a formula for the perfect mug of morning coffee. Take one vessel optimized for maximum caffeine capacity, add in a scientifically sound aesthetic to elevate visual appeal ratings, and increase temperature of said vessel via coffee, tea, or your warm beverage of choice as you watch your favorite characters appear before your eyes. This mug heats up to display Senku, Taiju, Kohaku and more of your favorite characters in chibi form among a chemistry set inspired background. It's the perfect way for fans of Dr. Stone to wake up and break out of a sleep-induced state of petrification early in the morning.

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED - This Dr. Stone Chibi Formula Mug is officially licensed and makes a great gift for fans!
  • CUSTOM DESIGN - This Dr. Stone Chibi Formula Mug is a 16 oz. Heat change mug. The design changes to reveal your favorite characters in the colored potion bottles when filled with hot liquid
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - This Dr. Stone Chibi Formula Mug is made up of 100% ceramic stoneware
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - This Dr. Stone Chibi Formula Mug is hand wash only

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