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ABYSTYLE Death Note Main Characters Deck of 54 Playing Cards Anime Manga Gift


Step into the suspenseful world of Death Note with the Death Note Deck of 54 Cards. This deck is not just a set of playing cards; it's a collector's item that encapsulates the dark and intellectual essence of the Death Note series.

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- The Death Note Deck of 54 Cards is officially licensed merchandise and makes a great gift for fans of Death Note Anime
  • DESIGN- Each card in the deck features iconic characters from Death Note, including Light Yagami, L, Ryuk, and other key figures. The characters are intricately illustrated, capturing the essence of the anime and manga series
  • COLLECTIBLE- Beyond its gaming utility, this deck serves as a collectible item for Death Note enthusiasts. The deck comes in a specially designed box featuring Death Note imagery, making it a standout piece in any anime or manga collection
  • LIMITED EDITION- This deck is a limited edition release, adding an element of exclusivity for collectors. Secure your piece of Death Note history with this carefully crafted and limited-edition card deck

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