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ABYSTYLE Chi's Sweet Home Ceramic Coffee Mug 8 Oz and Notebook Bundle


The Chi's Sweet Home Mugs (2) and Notebook Pack is a delightful set designed for fans of the heartwarming and adorable manga and anime series "Chi's Sweet Home." This pack combines the charm of the beloved feline character, Chi, with practical items for your daily life

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- This Chi's Sweet Home Pack is officially licensed merchandise and makes a great gift for fans of Chi's Sweet Home Anime
  • MUGS DESIGN- The mugs in this set features a delightful illustration of Chi, the curious and endearing kitten. Chi's playful and innocent expression is beautifully captured, as she paws at a ball of yarn or explores her surroundings. The mug is adorned with paw prints and cheerful colors, making it the perfect vessel for your morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. It's a heartwarming way to start your day with a smile
  • NOTEBOOK DESIGN- The notebook in this pack features an enchanting cover design that includes Chi, surrounded by playful elements from her world, such as cat toys, fish, and paw prints. The notebook is perfect for jotting down your thoughts, to-do lists, or as a journal to record your daily adventures
  • GIFT- Enjoy your favorite beverages and keep your thoughts organized with these adorable items that celebrate the loveable Chi and her sweet adventures

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