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ABYstyle USA

ABYstyle Berserk Group Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug 11 Oz.


Even a loner like Guts knows it's good to have friends you can depend on. They're the ones you can call when you need someone to help you move, a ride to the airport, or backup against hordes of unimaginably terrifying supernatural creatures that will stop at nothing to claim your soul. Ok, so maybe that last one only applies to Guts. Grab some cocoa, coffee or tea and make a toast to Isidro, Farnese, Serpico and Casca with this Berserk-inspired mug from the anime experts at ABYstyle. Because true friendship means never having to say "I'm bleeding."

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED- The Berserk Group Mug, 11 oz. is officially licensed and makes a great gift for fans
  • CUSTOM DESIGN - The Berserk Group Mug, 11 oz. features Guts, Isidro, Farnese, Serpico, and Casca all around the mug
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - The Berserk Group Mug, 11 oz can be washed in the dishwasher for best, easy care
  • MICROWAVE SAFE - The Berserk Group Mug, 11 oz can be safely used in the microwave
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - The Berserk Group Mug, 11 oz is made of high quality ceramic stoneware

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