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Geek-Approved Gifts for Dad

Posted on May 23 2019

Father and son posing


We need to talk about Father’s Day. Your dad loves you. He always will, no matter what… but if you get him one more card or pair of socks for Father’s Day, he may stop liking you. We understand that gift giving is hard; we’ve been guilty of last-minute gas station gifts ourselves. And while macaroni art may have been adorable when you were a kid, getting it from a 19-year-old just doesn’t have the same charm. So let us help you become the favorite sibling with this Father’s Day gift-giving guide from the coolest geeks you know: ABYstyle USA.

First up on our gift guide is the Dragon Ball Radar Keychain from the ever-popular anime juggernaut, Dragon Ball Z. Faithfully modeled after the Dragon Radar created by Goku’s longtime friend, Bulma, this keychain looks and sounds just like the real thing. Press the button on top, and the screen lights up as a pulsing beep lets you know that there are Dragon Balls nearby. It’s perfect for dads with fond memories of spending their after school afternoons sitting cross-legged in front of the TV and watching the Z-Fighters duke it out with the various villains bent on their destruction. Give this gift and your dad will use all the Dragon Balls he finds with it to wish he had more kids like you.


The big, tri-fold dad wallets stuffed with coupons and receipts are a thing of the past. Show your dad and his distended back pocket a little love by bringing him up to date in style with this wallet and keychain gift set from the up-and-coming new series The Seven Deadly Sins. The durable vinyl wallet sports the marks borne by all seven of the Sins, and even includes slots for cards and a pouch for change (or receipts) so dad won’t suffer wallet withdrawals as he makes the transition. Also included is a keychain shaped like Meliodas’ symbol, the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, so all the other dad’s on the block know that yours isn’t one to be messed with. Give this gift and you’ll have a Full Counter to any complaints for the rest of the year. 

Despite all outward appearances, dads really are sensitive, delicate creatures. And aside from messing with the thermostat, there’s nothing that stresses them out quite like water rings on the furniture. So keep your dad’s blood pressure low and his chakra levels high with this coaster set from the series that made us all wish we were ninjas, Naruto. This set includes four coasters, each vibrantly depicting an iconic symbol from the series, so whether your dad sees himself as a Hidden Leaf villager or a merciless agent of the Akatsuki, we’ve got him covered. If there was a such thing as Gift-Giving-Jutsu, giving this coaster set would surely represent complete and total mastery of it.

This year, lets sidestep the novelty ties and battery operated barbecue forks and get dad something he can actually use. You can’t go wrong with a gift from ABYstyle USA, because after all, dads are just geeks that grew up. 

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