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Here at ABYstyle, we’ve always made it our mission to make merch that fans love, but this time, we may have outdone ourselves. Once you pick up one of our new plush, you won’t want to put them down. And you won’t have to, these soft and snuggly companions are cozy enough to keep you company from the moment you take your first bite of breakfast to the time you finally burrow into your bed sheets and fire up Netflix.

Dragon Ball Rumbling Plush

Based on the mythical spheres that Dragon Ball Z takes its name from, our Dragon Ball plush is iconically cute and makes the perfect gift for the Saiyan with a sensitive side. True fans will also notice that our plush is based on the four-star Dragon Ball; just as Goku passed this treasured artifact down to his son Gohan, we’re passing our plush to all of the DBZ fans out there. That makes the two of us a lot alike when you think about it... What do you mean, "no it doesn't"? 

Puar Rumbling Plush

Well, while we’re on the subject of cute and cuddly Dragon Ball Z merchandise, we’ve got to mention our brand new Puar plush. He’s a shapeshifter by nature, but this form is our favorite. We like to think he’s pretty adorable for a desert outlaw and the big, beaming smile framed by his whiskers is guaranteed to brighten your day. Whether your looking for a partner in crime or just a cuddly companion, you can’t do much better than Puar, just ask Yamcha.

Bepo Rumbling Plush

If you’re looking for something that’s a little cooler, but just as cuddly, check out our Bepo plush. He may be the navigator for the Heart Pirates, but this plush is so cute it won’t need a map or a Log Pose to find its way to your heart. A polar bear mink and a pirate, its no wonder he’s so popular with One Piece fans. Dressed in his orange jumpsuit and boots, he’s equally suited for exploration and relaxation, so whether you’re hoisting the sails or dropping anchor, he’ll be right by your side.

If you're looking for the perfect companion for your anime-binge sessions, these plush are perfect. They’re soft, snugly and best of all, they won’t talk through all of your favorite parts. Pick up Puar, Bepo and our Dragon Ball today.

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