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ABYstyle Confronts Some Demons

Posted on July 29 2019

ABYstyle Confronts Some Demons

Demon Slayer, also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba, is shaping up to be one of this year’s most promising anime titles. It follows the journey of young Tanjiro Kamado as he fights demons to avenge his slain family and return his sister Nezuko, who has been turned into a demon herself, back to human form. Since its debut, it’s been praised by viewers and critics alike as a stellar example of what a Shonen series can be and has consistently made top anime lists on a variety of media outlets. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, we highly recommend jumping in and catching up before the season is over. Now if just our recommendation isn’t enough to get you to deviate from your anime catch-up backlog (One Piece, am I right?), allow us to expand on why Demon Slayer is one of our favorite animes of the season

Fast-Paced Action

This is kind of a given for a Shonen series, but Demon Slayer really pulls out all the stops to stand out from the crowd. 

The Demon Slayers that the series revolves around are fast and light on their feet, which makes for some incredibly smooth and fluid fight scenes. Characters move with the precision and grace of the Nichirin swords they wield. 

Some of the more powerful demons encountered in the series can even utilize unique spells and abilities referred to as Blood Demon Arts. These techniques can be used to manipulate the environment or inanimate objects, creating lots of nasty little surprises that can instantly turn the tide of a battle, forcing Tanjiro to improvise in order to overcome them. Some of the best moments of the series involve watching Tanjiro think through these high stakes puzzles all while dodging the claws and fangs of his opponents.

Beautiful Animation Style

The studio responsible for Demon Slayer’s anime adaptation is ufotable and anyone familiar with the Fate series is aware of their reputation for eye-catchingly gorgeous visuals. Characters and environments look crisp and vibrant and those fight scenes we mentioned earlier manage to be simultaneously brutal and beautiful. The skillful inclusion of CG alongside more traditional animation breathes an extra element of life into Demon Slayer and adds to the series’ unique look without overdoing it.

A Setting That Plays A Part

While Demon Slayer’s focus is more on Tanjiro’s unique journey and the trials he encounters along the way, the anime’s Japanese setting supplements the story instead of blending into the background. Demon Slayer’s story takes place in Taisho era Japan, a period spanning from 1912 to 1926. This makes for an interesting mix of the old and new. 

When one of Tanjiro’s missions takes him to Asakusa, Tokyo, he is overwhelmed by the sight of people walking down dirt and cobblestone streets in a mix of kimonos and business suits while carriages and streetcars cruise down streets bathed in the light of paper lanterns and gas lamps. In a lot of ways, this time period mirrors our hero’s journey as he transitions from a simple, quiet existence in the countryside to the dangerous and demanding life of a wandering Demon Slayer.

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